Eden's Graveyard

by Reverend Leviathan

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Debut album from Rev. Leviathan released in 2008


released December 31, 2016

Reverend Leviathan: vocals and instrumentation
JT Hanke: Photography and design



all rights reserved


Reverend Leviathan Georgetown, Kentucky

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Track Name: Bereshith
Eden was planted in the East
A garden of abundant life
A place that man could live in harmony
With the Lord and his wife

A river rises and becomes four
Pishon, Tigris, Euphrates, Gihon
Watering the garden day and night
A pleasure park of man's delight

Free to eat from any tree
Except the tree of good and evil
Although it's pleasing to the eyes
The fruit is very, very deadly

The tree of life was not forbidden
And still we chose to disobey
We all know what came to be
The garden became a cemetery
Track Name: Pandora's Box
Look at the box that has been given to me
Was it given by the god of storms, oh definitely!
Every time it's opened rain pours down on my head
Then I get depressed start wishing that I was dead
But I cannot help myself I have to look inside
Open it up again and feel the tears start building behind my eyes

This is my Pandora's box

Pictures of smiles and laughs are now howls and cries
Cute bunnies are slithering things in disguise
Creeping things with a slime of dark and gray despair
Vampire bats replace the doves in the air
The blessing of love has become the plague of sorrow and pain
The sunshine has been turned into black clouds filled with rain

This is my Pandora's Box

I hear the roars and screams and in the corner I mope
The beasts surround me in the dark I cannot cope
Standing on the chair I start to tighten the rope
When out of the box flies a bird called "Hope"

Fly to me, bird of hope

I must depart with this once beautiful gift
Our love for each other turned out to be myth
All of the horrible things are crushed underfoot
Items of heartbreak become black smoke and soot
Flames consume the box that causes suffering
As my gift from Zeus become a burnt offering

This is my Pandora's box
Track Name: The Hanging Tree
The Field of Blood

I'm hanging from a tree
For I betrayed a man
I felt I could not live
I tied the rope with my own hands
Accepted thirty pieces
Of silver to betray
The Rabbi with a kiss
And damnation is now my fate

The Place of the Skull

I'm hanging from a tree
I am the Son of Man
I died so you might live
I took the nails right through my hands
Accepted the Father's cup
His will is being done
By my stripes you are healed
And granted life and salvation

Which tree will you be hanging from:
The one of the betrayer or the one of the Son?
Track Name: Anima Christi
Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me